Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A photo summary of spring


Once again I have been a neglectful blogger and haven't posted in almost three months. I almost missed posting during spring entirely, so I wanted to quickly share some spring photos I took.
All the photos of flowers are unedited, the other shots where taken while visiting my beautiful godsister, Jazz, at her new house. We just managed to snap the photos before it rained, so due to the gloomy light some of the photos needed a little editing.
She's wearing a gorgeous silky rayon Tree of Life dress which my mum picked up at a charity shop. The dress was also worn by my other sister, Ireland, in this post.

Jazz is such a brilliant photography subject and has appeared in many other posts: wearing an Alice in Wonderland-esque dress of my mum's here, posing in gorgeous silk layers here, donning a vintage summer dress and flower wreath here, enjoying a tea party in the afternoon light with me here and modelling a gorgeous sixties dress on a grey day here.

Hope to post more this summer!