Friday, 13 April 2012

A goodbye to some much loved shoes

(Photo taken by me)
First off, I'm starting with a little farewell to these beautiful shoes that I bought when I was nine, on a visit to Melbourne in late April.
Only in a couple weeks it would have been the four year anniversary for these beautiful shoes that I have worn almost everywhere, with pretty much the only sign of 'wear and tear' being a partially melted patch on the sole from putting my very well dressed feet too close to a camp fire.
They lasted me a long time, as I only recently outgrew them, and gave them to my beautiful god sister - Jazz, who is wearing them in the picture to the left which is part of a shoot we did while I stayed over. I'll post some of the photos soon after I sort through the photos.
So, yeah, I'm doing a goodbye for shoes :) I did love them a lot and am still very attached to them, but it was worth it to see Jazz's face when she put them on and they fit perfectly.

It was my birthday only about a week ago, which consisted of lots of relaxing, going for a walk, movies, a packet of skittles and being 'over the moon' when I received a beautiful dark cherry red Nikon Coolpix L120 camera!!! I've been taking photos of so many things (such as the photo above), I've been marching up the paddock to take photos of wildlife, playing with the focus and 21x optical zoom, and all the different settings, I think I love it quite a lot. Looking forward to experimenting with the camera options, and trying out all my ideas that are currently building up in my mind.
Well, off to search etsy for brogues, mary janes, converse, and tall boots.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Beauty of Monochrome

The velvet skirt was part of a two piece suit that was bought at a charity shop, I'm not sure where I got the black pyjama singlet from, and the lacy bodice over the top of that I think was a gift to my mum, but she doesn't like synthetic (although, I'm not a fan either) so she never wore it.
I'm wearing a cute little vintage watch from a charity shop, with a silver barbed wire bangle that I got as a gift,
and the vintage camera was bought for $5 at a market, the only make-up being a deep shade of red lipstick.

I love black and white in photos, the black & white option on a camera is a brilliant aid to making sort of boring locations look more interesting and whimsical in photos, which really helps with some of the places my sister and I do our photo shoots.
 These photos were taken this afternoon in an all monochrome shoot with my sister, and, as you can see in the first photo, my horse Gerrie, though you can't see them in any of the photos, I'm actually wearing vintage charity shopped heels, so next to me, Gerrie looks much shorter - though he is still rather short, and I am unfortunately outgrowing him.

There are, as there is for most things, ups and downs for being tall, my height, for not-yet-thirteen is 5 foot 8. Which some of the downs include: having to hunt down jeans that will not only fit well around my waist, but to be long enough for my legs, my back constantly being put out, and things like age misconception...such as when I went to high school for a couple of months, where teachers would think I was in the wrong class, trying to convince me that I had gotten lost, whilst leading me to a block where the 14 and 15 year olds were lining up outside the classrooms, clutching their books and talking non stop, while I had to search my pockets for my student ID to show that I was, in fact, a grade eight student.
I suppose I have my father to thank/blame for my height, as he stands at 6 foot 5. My sister, Ireland, who recently turned 15, is a similar height to me but a little taller, while my mum claims she is "the hobbit of the family."

On Saturday I will be going to stay with my god family for a while, and will be having many shoots with my stunning god sister, Jazz (and will be extremely happy to be snapping some shots with her good quality camera.) So we should find some creative themes and outfits to do, with different locations and props.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Art, Clothes and Contemplations - restarted

Ok, so this is still my old blog (which was started December 21st), but my posts have been deleted, so I'm restarting it.

Art, Clothes and Contemplations  

I've  got a huge passion for art - drawing, painting, digital art, mood boards, designs and a big interest being photography - though I have big ideas when it comes to this, I have little skill, as well as the only practice of this being with a bad quality camera that would do strange things with zoom without permission as I took a shot.
I have a bit of an obsession with Tim Walker's photos at the moment, which inspires me to take my sister for a trod up the countryside, camera in hand, wearing whatever it is we manage to put together, as well as possibly lugging around the occasional prop.

Where we live, we're surrounded by hills and bush, trees, weeds and tall grass, as well as orchards and cattle. This aids my sister (Ireland) and I in interesting photos, but with the requirement of our shoes being caked in mud and our clothes having prickles and seeds that we picked up walking through the grass.

I love clothes, putting together outfits and styling myself, other people, or the models I draw in my designs, but I'm not a big fashion follower, I don't wear or like something because it's in this season, or if it's following a trend, sure, some trends may find themselves in this blog, but not because they're trends, because I like them, me and fashion have a bit of a love hate relationship (similar to the relationship I have with my extremely curly hair.) Lots of the clothes that will be on this blog will be vintage and/or charity shopped, second hand and hand-me-downs, and not to forget clothing that I've "borrowed" from the huge hoards and stocks of vintage from my mum, as well as a mixture of different things that suit all sorts of different personalities, I don't really have a particular style - it's simply "take what you like and leave the rest."

I'm a big reader, that loves to get my hands on a good book (have been interested in reading a few classics at the moment) as well as a love of good poetry, art and photography, I love writing - stories, occasional poem, I had also liked the idea of journalism for a bit there, and I even took interest in writing my assignments - writing is one of the reasons I started this blog, I had found that I really like it, as well as photography and a place to be able to share it.

Will be posting soon,

- Willow