Sunday, 31 March 2013

Satin and Lace

Photos taken by me.
My ever-gorgeous god-sister, Jazz, was my lovely and willing photography subject for this shoot. Big thanks to her for sitting down in the wet grass and jumping around several times for the sake of a photo. She's wearing a vintage wool hat and a sixties mini dress (I just love the lace on it) both sourced from charity shops. She's also wearing the same seventies boots that I wore in my last post, this time they're paired with thick knee socks to make them fit her better. The photos were taken yesterday after some brief but heavy rain (which started just as we were about to go outside and take photos - typical weather.) We had to wait it out by eating copious amounts of sugar before we could try again - I can think of worse ways to spend a grey day. Jazz is always such lovely company and a beautiful subject, she has twirled in front the lens in an eighties Alice-esque dress here, dressed up in lace-up boots and purple hair here, donned summery silks here, danced around in red shoes here, and sat with me at a whimsical tea party set-up here.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Last bursts of Summer

We've now had two weeks of Autumn here in Australia, but we're still getting a few super summery days (like today) which my sister and I took advantage of with a quick shoot in the morning. One of my favourite things about Autumn is that it alternates between glorious warm days with dark blue skies and cool cosy days perfect for reading (at the moment I'm right into classics, and have almost finished 'Jane Eyre'), listening to music, watching movies and drinking several cups of hot tea and coffee. As well as that it's not too hot for tights or jeans, but not too cold for bare legs.
I'm looking forward to getting a lot of wear from the gorgeous seventies boots I'm wearing in these photos, and Autumn is the perfect season to be wearing them. They go with so many things, especially when paired with my favourite maroon tights, which were whipped out as soon as it was cool enough, and I'm expecting for them to be worn a lot this Autumn - as well as the boots.

The boots were bought from this Etsy shop, and I was very happy when I received them and discovered they were a perfect fit. I love vintage shoes, but I struggle to find many that fit my size forty feet (I have the same trouble with gloves, hats and clothes too.)
Here I am wearing them with a yellow lace dress from a charity shop, which I customised by adding white lace and brown buttons (I've lost the fourth one I was going to put on, and still don't have any ribbon for the bow, so it's still a work in progress.) Over the top of it is a sixties or seventies crochet lace top, also charity shopped. The seventies satchel is my mum's, she hasn't quite said she's given it to me yet, but I've already managed to slowly introduce it into my room. I'm also wearing a vintage watch from a charity shop, which I wear most of the time, even though it doesn't work (which is interesting when someone wants to know the time.)