Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Flowers, Lace-up Boots, and Purple Hair

 These are the photos from the aforementioned shoot with Jazz done in April. As I mentioned in my last post, Jazz has been staying over for a couple of days while my sister and father are in Melbourne. There aren't many photos as some of them were taken by my sister on Jazz's camera haven't yet been dug up from Jazz's computer storage. This first photo was the only one I could get and you can see that it's been seriously edited. But I still love the photo.

Jazz and I managed to do another photoshoot while she stayed over, but instead of doing more, we were perfectly content with watching movies, indulging in chocolate, drinking tea, and talking.

The photoshoot took place in Jazz's garden, using the vibrant flowers for backgrounds, in hair, etc. Jazz and I took photos with our cameras while Ireland was the model, with a short brown wig, green lips, green eye make-up, and a green bow in her hair. Then we went back up to the house, where Jazz put on a purple wig and purple beads, a pink top, and the knee high lace up boots I gave her. Then Ireland and I did her make-up, a different thing on each eye (the one below done by me) and gave her purple lipstick. 
We then took her out into the garden with cameras and, after learning from last time when we got prickles in our feet, shoes.

 Jazz has the most huge, amazing eyes I've seen, and it was so much fun to do her eyes with different coloured eye shadows, even though it was my first time doing eye make-up.
 It wasn't exactly an outfit shoot as it was mostly close-ups and make-up, but I couldn't stop taking photos of the shoes. I gave these shoes to her the time we stayed over, and when she stayed over here, I gave her some converse that I had outgrown, with similar taste in cool shoes, and her having much smaller feet, it's perfect.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Just a little update

It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog, so here I am. My sister, Ireland is currently in Melbourne with our dad to see a Scottish Motorbike Trials...err...thing. So my gorgeous godsister, Jazz, is staying over for a few days - which means lots of fun, craziness and photoshoots...which will probably show up here after I get round to posting the photos from our previous shoot together (which was when I took the photo above.)

The weather recently has been rather grey, but I'm sure it will go back to cerulean blue skies in no time - that's the weather lately, either not a cloud in the sky or so many clouds you can't see the sky. But I've always been more of a "grey day" kind of girl, as I love cold weather and rugging up, and it was the perfect time to cuddle up and read when I had several new books to do just that (the reading involving barely ever coming out of my room until the book was done, and then moving on to the next.)

I recently got an album from a new favourite musician Florence + the Machine and have been loving the songs from the album Between two lungs. Not sure if that would be an interest to anyone, but she certainly has a very distinct and lovely voice, and the songs in her albums never all sound the same.

Anyway, hopefully the next post won't have too much distance in between.

Friday, 4 May 2012

There's flowers in my hair

I was very happy with the result of this photo, as well as not having the need to edit it (as the light of the afternoon was on my side.)  It was only just starting to rain, the few droplets that caught in my mum's hair reflecting light, as well as the effect of the little droplet on my camera screen - I'm definitely proud of this photo, and it had been so much fun running around the property finding different flowers to put in her hair. After collecting some from weeds (such as the pea flower), different types of grass, paw-paw trees, and flowers from the garden, put together,  I had all sorts of different flowers and colours to work with.

It didn't take too long to plait my mum's hair with the flowers, and then when I finished I grabbed my much loved new camera and took her out onto our veranda to get a couple of shots.

I'm still sorting through the photos from my shoot with my darling god-sister, Jazz (which I mentioned in my previous post) and am finding it hard to choose what photos to put up.
I haven't been able to do an outfit post recently (after failed attempts at shoots and because of the obnoxious rain that pours down every time I turn my camera on) but will hope to do a shoot with my sister, Ireland, soon. Well, that's all for now - the idea of curling up in a shawl with a cup of tea and a book is calling to me.