Monday, 18 June 2012

Ever Changing Taste

 Do you ever wonder what your much younger self would think of your style? Do you think the former you would approve? I think the smaller me would definitely approve of the fact that this sparkly knit jumper was taken from my sister's wardrobe, or that I wore an outfit made with pyjama shorts (made by a friend). But I think what my younger self would mostly approve of, is that as I write, I'm eating chocolate. 
My taste has changed a lot over the years, such as becoming a vegetarian at the age of six,  completely going off certain foods or hating any shoes that were wedges, to then be dreaming about the outfits I’d put with a pair of red suede ones I saw on eBay.

At about the age of five, I would wear rainbow striped T-shirts I accidentally put on backwards, and a pair of bright red three quarter pants with a tie-up belt that I kept double knotting (a nightmare to undo.) Though the bright colours I wore, at that age I loved the dark tulle skirts, knee high lace up boots and ripped tights I saw donned by Goths - though not the white faces and panda eye make-up, that kind of scared me.
And while an eight year old with a sort of tomboy style, I fancied sixties velvet mini dresses, mushroom pinks, and fur pillbox hats – some things that I actually really love now.

I'm not entirely sure if I would’ve liked my current style choices, and I look back on some of the designs that I drew a couple years ago and am definitely not a fan of the metallic green ruched strapless dress, or the aqua blue maxi I designed.
But your style will always change and be influenced, but I don't think I’m ever going to like fluoro bubble skirts or mint green polyester shirt dresses. 

I did this shoot a couple of months ago with my sister, and was quite happy with how the photos turned out.
The theme was very much inspired by our childhood style - though with much less layers, as our former selves would wear puff sleeved vintage 
fuchsia formal dresses and sheer second hand scarves, only to be hidden under more layers of blue chequered sheets belted with colourful sashes. 

Adding to the jumper and pyjama shorts, I borrowed a pair of my sister's knee high stripy socks,  some stripy mary jane flats from a charity shop, my grandma bought the heart horse necklace and the pearl pendant was from a market. The watch is vintage from a charity shop and the Pandora bracelet holds a few of my mum's handmade glass beads, and because it was something I loved to do when I was younger, I put Christmas decorations in my hair.


Katarina said...

Amazing look!
Following you! Stop by sometimes,
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Margaret said...

nice pics. i like your bracelts.

FashionCherry said...

So indie - hippy.

Absolutely stunning!