Saturday, 1 September 2012

Beautiful Beach

The marks on the sand beneath me show that I jumped quite a few times to get this shot - I'm so happy with it!

The photos above were taken by my sister on a spontaneous trip to the beach one afternoon. The cream silk scarf is vintage, and I'm wearing a silk dress from a vintage market stall (I don't think it's actually vintage though) the brand is 'bluejuice.' 

I noticed the jumping photo was the only photo in which I'm not looking down - I might need to work on some new poses!

 This morning my dad and I went on what we call our "dawn runs." We got up (hesitantly) at about 4:30 AM, put on warm clothes, made some coffee, and went to the beach (the same beach in the photos above). It's about a half an hour trip and when we get there it's just lovely - a previous time it was overcast and the water looked like milk - lilac milk, it was gorgeous! This time the sunrise made the trees look like black cut-out shapes, I gulped my coffee (can't help it - it's too good) while looking at the orange and pink sky. Then we swapped seats and I drove along the beach - I never knew driving was so fun! I started lessons with my dad a couple of months ago and I love it.
 After the beach we did some exploring and the scenery changed from waves, pelicans and seagulls to tall red grass and purple, yellow and pink wild flowers.

The places were beautiful, everywhere we went I kept thinking this would be great for a photoshoot and I'm pretty sure some of the time my dad was thinking this would be great for trials motorbike riding.  Every detail became a note in my head, though to write it all down afterwards would be challenging, I seriously need to bring a notebook and pen with me everywhere I go (like I do with my much loved camera.) And of course, I got lots of educational lessons and quizzes from my dad about the wildlife, parks, water turbidity, etc. I loved it!

Also, I previously talked about World Vision's 40 hour famine, well I just wanted to say that my sister and I have managed to (thanks to the wonderful people who donated) raise two hundred and seventy dollars now - which makes me feel so good!
A photo from this morning's "dawn run."
And...a previous dawn run.


Eryn said...

Adorable outfit and photos! Definitely makes me want to go to the beach.

OrigamiGirl said...

Wow this makes me miss the beach so much. I spent four years living right next to one. I knew I would miss it, but this does make me wish I had got up earlier and spent more time on it. Learning to drive on the beach is a pretty unique experience! You are very lucky.

Xixia said...

You are too too impressive. I've never been on a dawn self motivation is sorely lacking when it comes to waking up before eight am. It looks like a ton of fun!
Your outfit is gorgeous, and so fitting for the beach~
Just found your blog, and I really like your style! Hope to keep in touch.

♥ x i x i a |

Vera said...

Wow! These pictures make me positively jealous as the beach is so impressive, so wonderful!
Needless to say that you look stunning wearing that adorable white dress! :)

Minna said...

Beautiful seaside pictures! I adore your white dress!

I'd love if you visited my blog at It would be great to follow each other, don't you think? :)

xoxo, Minna