Monday, 28 January 2013

Grey Skies

The photos were taken by my sister today - which was actually mostly sunny, but at the first signs of a rather brief shower of rain, we grabbed umbrellas and pulled on our gumboots, mine paired with a charity shopped red hoodie, black tights, and shorts bought from Supré (back when their clothes weren't made in China.) Also, sorry for yet another post with a title that lacks creativity.

I was trying to think of a start to this post that wasn't about me once again being a neglectful blogger (sorry!) or the weather, but with it being more than three weeks since I last posted and with having some major weather recently, this start to the post is only one that didn't end up getting deleted.

So, to the weather, something that has been constantly showing up on my facebook news feed - people posting how much rain they've had, some sharing photos of flooded buildings and streets, constant warnings and updates. While where I am, all that we got was some wonderful rain and strong winds on Saturday (woke up the next morning to some broken off branches and the outside of my house being peppered with leaves). People nearby have had to evacuate their homes due to serious flooding, others were also affected by tornadoes the other day. My heart goes out to everyone, especially those who have been injured and the loved ones of those who have died. The destruction to people's homes and shops is devastating, and I can only imagine how awful it must be.

So for now I'm just hoping to see a little bit better news when I check the updates tomorrow.

And for something a little more cheerful, here's an un-edited photo I took this afternoon of a rainbow at sunset.


Lauren said...

You are clearly destined for some great things in your passion for photograph! Compelling photos! Lovin' every minute visiting your site!

-Lauren at adorn la femme

Elisabeth said...

Wow I really love the photos! :) Especially the last one *_*

The sky is my favourite motive for taking photos because it's different every day, especially in summer :)


Sacramento Amate said...

Lovely always, dear Willow.

Miss Millie Mae said...

You always leave the nicest comments on my blog! Thanks so much! I'm loving the untouched photo!xxx

Louise Mc said...

I love that last photo. Hope the weather cheers up for you soon.

Emalina said...

Another beautiful post, I love the red dashes of colour against the stormy grey skies. You look gorgeous in that lovely outfit.

Rosalind said...

I've been following the news of the appalling tornadoes and floods and thinking of everyone affected. I'm so glad to hear that you've escaped lightly.
Lovely photos here of you in red against the grey sky backdrop (I think that you and I must own identical red umbrellas too) and such a beautiful last image as well.

Vix said...

The weather has been utterly dreadful of late, and not just here either, I've seen some horrible damage caused by the flooding in Queensland to blog friend's homes and businesses.
Your photos are beautiful, you have a wonderful eye. x

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

These shots are so much fun, love the red against the dark background.

Ali of

Fashionistable said...

The second shot is my favourite and rainbow is lovely too. xxxx

Tara said...

I can relate entirely with your weather-centric dilemma, Willow; but, when the conditions in a region are as extreme as they have been of late in Australia, I think you can be forgiven for musing on meteorology.
I love the vibrancy of the vermillion top and umbrella photos, and your "rainbow at sunset" photo is wonderful - and thoroughly cheery!
Also: thank you ever so much for your lovely comments on my blog; they are greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes,


OrigamiGirl said...

I hope you are ok after the terrible weather! I wanted to let you know that I put you up for a blogger award:

I think your blog is great so I hope it brings you some more followers and love! :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I love that umbrella shot, and the wonderful rainbow at the end. I'm sorry to hear about the awful weather and the hardship it has put on many. Glad to hear you're fine and it just gave you an opportunity to brighten everything up with red.

Thanks for your good wishes on my recovery! -- J xxx