Friday, 13 April 2012

A goodbye to some much loved shoes

(Photo taken by me)
First off, I'm starting with a little farewell to these beautiful shoes that I bought when I was nine, on a visit to Melbourne in late April.
Only in a couple weeks it would have been the four year anniversary for these beautiful shoes that I have worn almost everywhere, with pretty much the only sign of 'wear and tear' being a partially melted patch on the sole from putting my very well dressed feet too close to a camp fire.
They lasted me a long time, as I only recently outgrew them, and gave them to my beautiful god sister - Jazz, who is wearing them in the picture to the left which is part of a shoot we did while I stayed over. I'll post some of the photos soon after I sort through the photos.
So, yeah, I'm doing a goodbye for shoes :) I did love them a lot and am still very attached to them, but it was worth it to see Jazz's face when she put them on and they fit perfectly.

It was my birthday only about a week ago, which consisted of lots of relaxing, going for a walk, movies, a packet of skittles and being 'over the moon' when I received a beautiful dark cherry red Nikon Coolpix L120 camera!!! I've been taking photos of so many things (such as the photo above), I've been marching up the paddock to take photos of wildlife, playing with the focus and 21x optical zoom, and all the different settings, I think I love it quite a lot. Looking forward to experimenting with the camera options, and trying out all my ideas that are currently building up in my mind.
Well, off to search etsy for brogues, mary janes, converse, and tall boots.

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Rosalind said...

The excitement of a new camera is unbeatable and prompts so much creativity.
Lovely monochrome post below too, especially the first image: black outfit, white pony - what a perfect combination!
Enjoy your height (previous post). It sounds like you could grow near to the 6 foot mark. My dad is over 6'7" and my mum comparatively tiny. Without the impact of scoliosis and my spine fusion operation I would probably have grown to around 5'11" or more. As it is, I'm very happy to be 5'10.5", but would have been equally content with being even taller.