Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Beauty of Monochrome

The velvet skirt was part of a two piece suit that was bought at a charity shop, I'm not sure where I got the black pyjama singlet from, and the lacy bodice over the top of that I think was a gift to my mum, but she doesn't like synthetic (although, I'm not a fan either) so she never wore it.
I'm wearing a cute little vintage watch from a charity shop, with a silver barbed wire bangle that I got as a gift,
and the vintage camera was bought for $5 at a market, the only make-up being a deep shade of red lipstick.

I love black and white in photos, the black & white option on a camera is a brilliant aid to making sort of boring locations look more interesting and whimsical in photos, which really helps with some of the places my sister and I do our photo shoots.
 These photos were taken this afternoon in an all monochrome shoot with my sister, and, as you can see in the first photo, my horse Gerrie, though you can't see them in any of the photos, I'm actually wearing vintage charity shopped heels, so next to me, Gerrie looks much shorter - though he is still rather short, and I am unfortunately outgrowing him.

There are, as there is for most things, ups and downs for being tall, my height, for not-yet-thirteen is 5 foot 8. Which some of the downs include: having to hunt down jeans that will not only fit well around my waist, but to be long enough for my legs, my back constantly being put out, and things like age misconception...such as when I went to high school for a couple of months, where teachers would think I was in the wrong class, trying to convince me that I had gotten lost, whilst leading me to a block where the 14 and 15 year olds were lining up outside the classrooms, clutching their books and talking non stop, while I had to search my pockets for my student ID to show that I was, in fact, a grade eight student.
I suppose I have my father to thank/blame for my height, as he stands at 6 foot 5. My sister, Ireland, who recently turned 15, is a similar height to me but a little taller, while my mum claims she is "the hobbit of the family."

On Saturday I will be going to stay with my god family for a while, and will be having many shoots with my stunning god sister, Jazz (and will be extremely happy to be snapping some shots with her good quality camera.) So we should find some creative themes and outfits to do, with different locations and props.


his_girl_friday said...

Beautiful black and white!

Christobel Amelia Hastings said...

What a lovely blog! Hard to believe you're just thirteen, what a beautiful young lady. I'm a big fan of monochrome too, throws allsorts of details in a photograph to light that you never noticed before.
I will follow you if you would like to do the same :)

Alex said...

beautiful pictures! I like your posing :)