Thursday, 24 May 2012

Just a little update

It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog, so here I am. My sister, Ireland is currently in Melbourne with our dad to see a Scottish Motorbike Trials...err...thing. So my gorgeous godsister, Jazz, is staying over for a few days - which means lots of fun, craziness and photoshoots...which will probably show up here after I get round to posting the photos from our previous shoot together (which was when I took the photo above.)

The weather recently has been rather grey, but I'm sure it will go back to cerulean blue skies in no time - that's the weather lately, either not a cloud in the sky or so many clouds you can't see the sky. But I've always been more of a "grey day" kind of girl, as I love cold weather and rugging up, and it was the perfect time to cuddle up and read when I had several new books to do just that (the reading involving barely ever coming out of my room until the book was done, and then moving on to the next.)

I recently got an album from a new favourite musician Florence + the Machine and have been loving the songs from the album Between two lungs. Not sure if that would be an interest to anyone, but she certainly has a very distinct and lovely voice, and the songs in her albums never all sound the same.

Anyway, hopefully the next post won't have too much distance in between.


Rosalind said...

We have catapulted straight from wintery temperatures and skies into proper summer. so right now, the buttercups in the field just up the road have the same luminous intensity in the sun as your image of the yellow flowers here.

Regan said...

Thanks for the comment :) Cute photo!