Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Flowers, Lace-up Boots, and Purple Hair

 These are the photos from the aforementioned shoot with Jazz done in April. As I mentioned in my last post, Jazz has been staying over for a couple of days while my sister and father are in Melbourne. There aren't many photos as some of them were taken by my sister on Jazz's camera haven't yet been dug up from Jazz's computer storage. This first photo was the only one I could get and you can see that it's been seriously edited. But I still love the photo.

Jazz and I managed to do another photoshoot while she stayed over, but instead of doing more, we were perfectly content with watching movies, indulging in chocolate, drinking tea, and talking.

The photoshoot took place in Jazz's garden, using the vibrant flowers for backgrounds, in hair, etc. Jazz and I took photos with our cameras while Ireland was the model, with a short brown wig, green lips, green eye make-up, and a green bow in her hair. Then we went back up to the house, where Jazz put on a purple wig and purple beads, a pink top, and the knee high lace up boots I gave her. Then Ireland and I did her make-up, a different thing on each eye (the one below done by me) and gave her purple lipstick. 
We then took her out into the garden with cameras and, after learning from last time when we got prickles in our feet, shoes.

 Jazz has the most huge, amazing eyes I've seen, and it was so much fun to do her eyes with different coloured eye shadows, even though it was my first time doing eye make-up.
 It wasn't exactly an outfit shoot as it was mostly close-ups and make-up, but I couldn't stop taking photos of the shoes. I gave these shoes to her the time we stayed over, and when she stayed over here, I gave her some converse that I had outgrown, with similar taste in cool shoes, and her having much smaller feet, it's perfect.


Leanna Kay said...

Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE that first one-stunning indeed.


Miss Millie Mae said...

Your photography is so beautiful and whimsical! Your use of colour is amazing! Love the rainbow eyeshadow.