Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunsets from Spring

One of my favourite things about spring and summer are the sunsets. The skies look like vibrant abstract paintings made up of purples, oranges and pinks. I recently discovered a shoot I did with my sister in spring last year that I thought I had lost and have decided to post them along with a couple other images I took of spring/summer sunsets. The pictures of trees were taken on a walk with my mum, and the image second from the bottom was either taken late spring or early summer, it is definitely the most spectacular - with the amazing bright apricot, purple and almost fluoro orange colours.

I almost feel like the shoot I did with my sister, Ireland, was meant to be; as she had recently re-dyed her hair red and just so happened to be wearing a purple top which matched perfectly with the sunset. As soon as I saw the amazing sky, I grabbed my camera and took my sister (who was doing the dishes) by the arm and lead her onto our veranda to take pictures. She still had her washing up gloves on - which also matched the sky, as they were bright pink.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures! On another note, I recently signed up to twitter, my username is currently 'ArtClothesAndC' (couldn't fit the whole blog name in.) You should be able to find it on my blogger sidebar under 'Contact.' I also now have an 'About Me' page on this blog.
I will be going on a trip to Sydney (New South Wales) on Thursday, and will be gone for nine days, so I probably won't be able to do much looking at or commenting on blogs, but will catch up when I get back.


TheShoeBird said...

Such gorgeous pictures!!!


Ofelia said...

Such much beauty in all of photos and you lovely with your big smile!

Emalina said...

These are truly beautiful images, lovely Willow, you have a real photographer's 'eye' and your sister makes a wonderful subject silhouetted against that incredible pink sky. The shots of the trees against the sunset are also breath taking. Have a great trip!

Harlow Darling said...

Incredible shots, you've really captured the beauty of the sunset! I love the shots of you standing with the fading light behind you, you look ethereal. Such a magical time of day to take photos!

Sacramento Amate said...

Magic photos, Willow.

Rosalind said...

What absolute serendipity here: your rediscovery of these photos; the glorious colours of the sunset and your foresight in grabbing your sister to take photos against the vibrant sky. Such stunning, beautiful results.

Magical Day Dream said...

So pretty! I love colourful sunsets; and I also dyed my hair red :)