Tuesday, 6 May 2014


First and last two images were taken with a Pentax k-x and the rest were taken with a Nikon L120
All images (except the black & white photo) are unretouched
Model is my sister, Ireland
Photos taken by me
I really enjoyed taking these photos of my lovely, elegant, semi-willing photography subject, Ireland (although she would call herself my "photography victim"). It takes quite a bit of begging before my sister agrees to do a photo session with me, although I can understand why: I'm very bossy when I'm behind the camera, I get her to lie down in uncomfortable patches of itchy flowers, it means she has to change out of her 'comfy clothes', and I put her in summer dresses whilst forgetting that it's almost winter.It was a surprisingly warm day today, so I didn't think the light dressing would be an issue, but towards the end of the photo shoot Ireland was getting cold and annoyed as I pleaded "Just one more...here, just look over there...no, that didn't work, again....wait, wait, wait, do this". So, big thanks to Ireland for these photos (and for putting up with me).

With the dress, flowers and garland, this shoot felt a little 'Grecian Goddess meets Perdita' although the garland was something I quickly made as an afterthought and the charity shopped silk dress (which in reality is greener than it looks in the photos) was haphazardly plucked from Ireland's wardrobe. 


Vix said...

These are gorgeous, you have a great eye and a beautiful subject! xxx

Jacqueline Stewart said...

but the end result is beautiful pictures! I think you take such amazing photos and Ireland looks graceful and beautiful in these. :)

Rosalind said...

What a great team you are - of photographer and model. Stunning photos.
Ah yes, lying back, attempting to assume an air of languid relaxation, among scratchy vegetation, with something uncomfortable sticking into your bare skin and a bracing chill urging arms and legs to go rigid with cold - that sounds vaguely familiar!


Stunning images, especially the last one--the purple is striking with the olive dress that your sister is wearing.


Sacramento Amate said...

More beautiful every day, Willow.