Sunday, 18 May 2014


Light is a glorious thing. Glorious in the way it shows colours, in the fact that I wouldn't have any pictures to show you if not for it - many things would cease to exist without light. The right light can make the mundane and ordinary transform into something utterly spectacular, giving the illusion of something magical. It can shine through water and make a droplet look like it contains an entire star nebula in its sphere.
It's incredibly fitting that we use variations of the word 'light' to describe people. How we can shine, glow, radiate and illuminate. How someone can bring out the best (or the 'light') in others much like the way the sun illuminates the intricate veins of a leaf or the strands of a spider web. 

Experimenting with light - particularly sunlight - is one of my favourite things about photography. I'm fascinated by the nature of some of the shadows it creates and I'm delighted by the way it's caught by single strands of hair, transparent materials and droplets of water. Different days, different skies and different light has all kinds of wonders to be experimented with and explored. 

So yes - light is a glorious thing. This post is simply a brief appreciation of that. All of the above images were snapped by me. The photo of flowers plaited into hair is of my mum and the second image is of my god-sister Jazz. All other portraits are of my sister, Ireland.


Jacqueline Stewart said...

You're certainly right about light, and especially in photos. It always makes me happy when I find a lens flare on a photo i've taken, like the sun is demanding to be an extra part of the photo and is trying to get in on the pic in a different way that usual.
These pictures are glorious, and I like butterfly wing one. x

Rosalind said...

Beautiful reflections on the nature and qualities of light and stunning photos. Hard to choose favorites among so many stand-out images, though the landscape and the water drops are especially beautiful. And do I spot light streaming through the lace edge of a pair of 'Who Made Your Pants?' knickers??

Millicent Wilkinson said...

The dappled light photos are stunning, I'm so jealous of your photography skills! I also love the photo of the flowers braided in the hair, so gorgeous!