Thursday, 3 July 2014

The ones that got away

All shots above were either taken by me, my god-sister or my sister, and the photos are of us too. 

I have several reasons for not posting for over a month, which include: two faulty computers, a broken camera battery charger, my sister visiting (she has moved 5 hours away from me - boo), and unfortunately my creativity seems to have gone on holiday (I'm having dreams about really mundane things such as grocery shopping - what a waste).
I often feel a little bit stressed if I haven't posted for a while, as this blog feels a little bit like my rabbit hole sometimes. So this just a quick post to finally have something new! The pictures are all (sans a couple) 'ones that got away' from a few blog shoots, or otherwise photos from shoots that never even appeared on the blog. Some of the photos even date back to when I was twelve. As always, the clothes are hand-me-downs, charity shopped and vintage.


Vix said...

Good to see your blog pop up in my reader! Gorgeous photos especially the leaping on the beach one.
Hope your computer woes get sorted soon - mine's on its last legs and driving me mental! x

Millicent Wilkinson said...

You should never feel guilty for not posting (even though I always do!) because your photos are always worth waiting for :) I understand the broken computer issue completely!x

Rosalind said...

What a delightful little retrospective selection of your photos. And oh my, some dating back to when you were 12. Beautiful always, sweet Willow.
I especially like the 5th image - such a caught moment of time.

nicoleta buru said...

Adorable pictures, honey ^_^